Life stuff

I know its been awhile since I’ve posted about my life, so its a 5 cent tour of the last few months.

Big news, We are pregnant!!!!! I’m going to be a daddy!!!!! We are due in August. I can’t wait!!!!

On other news, I finally got my home theater installed. Here’s the current setup:

Pioneer DVD player DV-414
Panasonic AE900
106′ dia manual screen
Charter Moxi DVR
Onkyo TXSR703B

I already have like 50 hours on the bulb. The projector looks great out of the box, I haven’t messed with the color settings at all.

Everything else is going well, work is crazy busy. The size of my groups responsibility keeps growing, but time doesn’t.

I’m so ready for spring, this Michigan weather is just teasing me.

We are starting to have troubles with the car again, its never been right since Melissa got reared ended a few years ago.

That’s about it. later,jb

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