Busy week, not many posts

Let’s see Monday started by having the drive our exchange logs on fill up. Yeah….who would have thought we could have 3GB of changes to the database over a weekend…..exeutil is your friend…
The rest of the week, we’ve had an onsite vmware workshop. We installed 3 Dell blades with ESX onto our SAN and we now have VCenter and Vmotion. This stuff ROCKS!!! VCenter is SO MUCH better than the MUI you get when you only have ESX. The workshop runs one more day. Only a few more things to clear up and then it’s time to move about 15 machines to the new virtual server farm.
This Saturday we have family coming for a Christmas party and if the weather is good enough we are heading to Detroit Sunday for the Lions game. You can’t beat free tickets!!!!

free bingo


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