Pacers’ Jackson calls ban on chains ‘racist’

I’ve been listening to some of the reports and players comments on the new dress code in the NBA and I have to laugh. Your job is playing basketball. At anyone’s jobs there are certain ways to act, perform, dress, etc. These can change at any time, your working for someone. If my boss comes to me today and tells me tomorrow I have to wear a shirt and tie. I either have to go by some ties or find another job. As for the NBA’s new dress code, the players union voted yes on this change!!!

I just laugh to hear a player that is paid millions of dollars to play a game, using the race card. Sorry buddy NO SOUP FOR YOU!!! The NBA is looking to improve their image they want to have a more professional look, the ‘thug’ look will never be a professional look.

Pacers’ Jackson calls ban on chains ‘racist statement’

by Marc Stein

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Pacers guard Stephen Jackson, contending that a new ban on chains worn over clothing is “a racist statement” from the league, wore every long, diamond-studded chain in his collection Tuesday night as a protest.

Jackson voiced…


Update: I just found this link on ESPN. Its some more quotes from nba players. I’m suprised how many agree with me.

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