long week

I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted since last weekend. Well the Lions beat the ravens. The lions defense played great and the ravens defense blew up, 20 penalties and 2 ejections!

We only got a little christmas shopping done, but we found a lot of things for ourselves. That’s always the way things go, when your shopping for others you find stuff for yourself. But then you need to find something for yourself you never can. Oh well.

Big news at work. My manager got a promotion to Director and my group (network services) now is responsible for my company and the home office. Dan the IT guy from the home office will be joining my group. Plus we’ve have to take on home office’s China location, so now I get to deal with two different China sites.

This weekend the plan is to do our fall work in the yarn and get it ready for the winter. Hopefully I’ll only need to cut the yawn a few more times.


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