Palm and Verizon to unveil Treo 700w on Monday

I know more than a few people at work that will be calling verizon for this phone. Even though my boss has the 600 and hates it. He complains the phone part of the device doesn’t work well at all. I’ve heard the same thing from my Dell rep, that the phone part on his 650 sucks.

Hopefully due in no small part to our exclusive first
look, Palm, Verizon, and Microsoft will be holding a joint press conference on Monday; we can only presume it?s to
(officially) announce the new Windows Mobile-powered
Treo 700w. If our pic gallery wasn?t
enough to satisfy your Treo-jones, you still have the whole weekend to Photoshop some press credentials and book a
flight over to San Francisco. The fun begins at 9 A.M. in the Twin Peaks conference room at the Palace Hotel.

poker room

[Via mobileread, thanks to everyone who
sent this in]

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