China Day 3

Not too good. I started getting sick yesterday afternoon. My stomach had one of the worse pains I have every felt in it. I skipped dinner and just tried to relax and took some medicine to calm my stomach. But it didn’t help, I was up all night, trying to get sick just to get the bad stuff out of my stomach!

I ended up staying at the hotel today and helping remotely. The consultants where going to install the latest backup exec, which I guess using msde. but since we already installed WSUS (which also uses msde) they had all sorts of problems. I finally told them to remove WSUS and just use the msde for backup exec. Since I wasn’t there I had to take their word for it.
They still couldn’t get backup exec working correctly!!! So they wanted to reinstall the entire server!!! which meant setting up AD and everything else again!!!!! This project has to be done by Friday because our plane out is early Saturday. I told them to keep working to getting BE working without having to reinstall. They still couldn’t get it by 4:30 so I told them to just go ahead and reinstall.

SO tomorrow, I’ll be re-joining all the computers to the domain. Plus we found out today that only one machine has office 2003 and most computers hard drives are so full we can’t even load office 2003 on them!!

there’s been so many other little crazy things about this trip…I need to start posting them as they happen. Like, BE support telling the consutants to use full MS SQL instead of msde, so the consultant has if we have the SQL CD!!! (we are already packing a bunch of services on the one server they have) This one server is their AD server,DNS,WINS, DHCP,file server,print server, AV server,backup server,and I wanted it to be their WSUS.

Anyway, I’ll try to post more the last two days, but it sounds like we are going to be really busy trying to get done.


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