Free and Powerful Defragmenter for Windows

Windows has a built-in defragmenter, and while there is nothing wrong with it, it is lacking in a few areas. For example, it cannot defragment the swap file. Power Defragmenter is a front-end developed by a third party to make Contig, a very powerful command-line defragmentation utility much easier to use for the average user. Contig is made by SysInternals, who have a long history of making solid defragmentation software. Instructions on how to get Power Defragmenter working with Contig are available at eXcessive Software’s site, the makers of Power Defragmenter. 

[Via Download Squad]

One thought on “Free and Powerful Defragmenter for Windows

  1. How’s this better than the Windows 7 disk defragmenter? Do they have the same functionality and feature? I found good softwares in hotlib but this is the first time I heard about powerful defragmenter…

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