Searching tags via the Firefox address bar

A lot of sites have built FIrefox search plugins (even we have one) to make searching easier, but you won’t need one for this quick tip. If you use you may want a really fast way of searching through the tags so you can find some interesting new reading. With Firefox, you can do this with just a couple easy steps. Read on!

Before we continue, please remember this only works with Firefox. Internet Explorer users, you’re out of luck.

  1. First, head on over to the tags page. Please note that this will work on any page, so you could just as well use it on your own tags page (or really, any webpage with a search box).
  2. Now, right-click on the search box and click on Add a Keyword for this search.
  3. Now name it ( tags would be a good name) and add a keyword. Make the keyword short and easy to remember; we’re trying to make searching easier. Trying something like tagsearch or whatever tickles your pickle.
  4. We’re all done! When you want to search through the tags, just type in tagsearch tag_name (where tag_name is the tag you’re searching for) and you’ll automatically be taken to the proper page!

[Via Lifehacker]

[Via TipMonkies]

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