What a week

Monday we had a domain control go down, because of bad memory. It wasn’t allows crashing at the same time (during boot, during logon, in windows,etc) and our first run of Dell troubleshooting tools, did not show any hardware problems. Late in the afternoon, it finally start throwing memory errors, so Dell sent us all new memory for the system and raid card, plus a new motherboard. That seem to fix the problem, but it was a crappy Monday. That DC is also our WINS, DHCP, and print server!!

I got Sick on Tuesday (Sinus problems) and went home in the afternoon. I was out Wednesday also. By Thursday I was sick of laying around, so I forced myself to go into work. It wasn’t until Friday I didn’t feel like my head was packed with cotton so I could think.

Saturday was Melissa’s birthday and her family came to visit. They brought some ‘stuff’ with them. A few old chairs and a couple tables that have been in Melissa’s family for a long time.

We went to dinner at snug harbor. Good eating.

The basement is coming along, but I’m total confused on what I want to do for a home theater down there. Projector or TV? Which Side of the room should I use for viewing.

I want to wire before the drywall goes up and the installers I was going to use, are not being helpful, so I’m thinking of doing it myself. But since I don’t know what equipment I’m going to use I’m not sure where to run all the wiring!!! I know real life changing questions 🙂

poker room


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