Top Ten Reasons Episode IV is Better Than Episode III

10 interesting points. When I think about it number 9 is SO true. I wondering about 7 when I was watching the movie.

By marc

10. Vader kills someone with his bare hands in the first five minutes.
9. Unlike her mother, Leia doesn’t sit around her apartment crying all the time.
8. Not just a silent Jar-Jar — no Jar-Jar at all.
7. Even old, hermit Jedi don’t let stormtroopers shoot them in the back.
6. More walking trashcans.
5. Uncle Owen way grumpier than Yoda.
4. Computer-generated bad guys don’t hit their heads on the doors.
3. Mark Hamill, believe it or not, is a much better actor than Hayden Christensen.
2. Travelling through hyperspace ain’t like dustin’ crops, boy.
1. Willing suspension of disbelief much easier when you’re six.

[Via O’Reilly Radar]