busy weekend

Not many post lately since I’ve moved most of the techie stuff to benway.net

But we did have a great weekend. Friday we watched Finding Neverland. It was better than I thought it would be, but it still wasn’t that good of movie. Saturday we committed to a builder for the basement. The building will start June 6th!!! I can’t wait. Since we needed to get stuff out of the basement, we bought the rubbermaid Big Max Shed. I’m proud to say we where able to put it together without any bloodshed.
Saturday night we visited the Sischo’s and played video games until almost 11pm.
Sunday, I had to work. We had a few things we needed to update on the servers at our hart location.
I took monday off so we could see Revenge of the Sith. I really enjoyed it. Now I want to watch all 6 back to back.

Monday we also picked out the carpet for the basement with the help of stone’s wife.

Now it’s wednesday and I’m ready for another 3 day weekend.



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