Words that a network admin would like to see banned

So true

Most of the time I’m a patient person, and then there are those days when a few words sprinkled here and there just kinda annoy me…..

“It always takes ten minutes to open my Outlook.“

I’ll get a stop watch.. I’ll bet you

  • It’s not ten minutes

  • It’s not always

“My machine always does that“

Again, let me get a program that watches every keystroke and I’ll bet you

  • It’s not always

“My machine is extremely slow“

Why is it that the people with the fastest machines in the office, always think there’s is the slowest?  What’s up with that?

  • No, it’s not always

There are times when issues are caused by computers and technology and tcp/ip packets and …well whatever… and then there are those times when… let’s just say it’s not always caused by computers, shall we?

  • No, it is indeed not always caused by computers

[Via E-Bitz – SBS MVP the Official Blog of the SBS “Diva”]

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