Microsoft reverses its position on anti-discrimination bill

ok, I’ve tried to keep my cool about this for long enough. Why the hell is a software company involved with a legislative bill? If Microsoft get involved in any other legislation, everyone throws a fit. but because this is for gays. The entire left wing jumps onboard and thinks this is great.
We live in America, we are all suppose to have the same rights. Yet the left keep pushing for laws to make people different and special. What the fuck. A gay person has the same right that I do, they can marry someone of the opposite sex. That is the right we all have.
The moral fiber of this country is continuing down the shitter! Yet if anyone speaks up against this, they are labeled a bad person.
I’m so disapointed in my fellow tech bloggers how they can support such destruction of marriage. Marriage is a man and a women, adam and eve, not adam and steve.
I’m also disapoint in Microsoft for letting all these people change there decision. A decision Microsoft should not be involved in to begin with.
Here’s a comment from the fruit loving creator of TopStyle.

Scoble just posted that Microsoft has reversed its position on the now well-known anti-discrimination bill. I know a lot of people were involved here, but Robert, you should feel very proud of your role in this!

[Via Nick Bradbury]

by the way yes, I’m acting like a 5 year old calling people names πŸ™‚

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