Stone found a VOIP that lets you make outgoing calls from your Asterisk server for a penny. I’ll have to give it a test.

I signed up for VoIP Jet today. They have a pay as you go plan where you transfer in money from PayPal and it gets you minutes through them. You get $0.25 to start with and I set up a IAX2 connection from the Asterisk I have running in a VMWare session on my laptop. Problem is that since I am on the west coast and everyone I know is on the East coast I was unable to really do much with it since everyone I know is sleeping. I called my office and my cell phone and left voice mail message to myself. VoIP Jet is not bad, as it is $0.0130 for calls going out. It is only a outgoing service so you cannot get a DID or receive calls through them, but cheap to play with for outgoing calls.


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