Owning a house can be…..Fun?

Anyone that knows me knows I am not Mr. fix-it when it comes to anything that isn’t computers or new technology. Anything around the house, I have major issues with. This weekend has been a great example.
I want to put a ceiling fan in our bedroom, so I try to get into the attic this weekend and remember we got the blowninsulation. Great so there is cardboard all around the opening to the attic, no room for me to pull myself up into the attic and even if I could I cannot see the 2×4’s to walk on.

Then today I got to turn on my sprinkler system for the first time this year. I open the value, go outside and see water gushing out from a spicket below the sprinklers reverse value. I checked and the spicket was close, I reefed on it until it was down to a small drip, but itsnot something I want dripping all summer long! I let it drip long enough to test the rest of the sprinklers, and only one was messed up. I lost the top and the piece that limits how far around the sprinkler rotates. No biggie just another pain in the ass. So I called the guy that put in my sprinkler system a few years ago, he’s out of town this weekend so I should hear from him Monday.

One thought on “Owning a house can be…..Fun?

  1. Talk about “Mr. fix-it.” I have no clue when it comes to computers or new technology. I give it to you man, I can fix a sprinkler system problem, but when it comes to computer viruses, programs problems, I’m a no brainer. I guess we both share common differences.

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