Spring Fever

Happy Easter, it’s about 45 today, the sun is out. I’m ready for spring.

We started our spring cleaning today. Melissa cleaned out her flower garden in the front yard and found a bunch of flowers already starting to sprout. I took some pictures, I’ll post some to my flickr account. We cleaned off the BBQ grill and decided we needed to replace a few pieces. Home Depot was open and had the parts we needed.

I also decided to hang a few things Melissa had been asking for me to put up. Both shelves are up and only one screw up. I was using drywall anchors since where these shelf where sitting I didn’t think there was any studs. Well I was wrong the second anchor I went to screw in hits a stud and causes me to make the hole in the drywall larger that the anchor. So now even if I drill a hole in the wood for the anchor, it won’t hold in the drywall. After a short pissing moment, I just drilled the screw into the wood and it hold enough for the small shelf. I’m slowly learning, I just don’t deal well with the bumps along the way yet.


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