PETA interfering again!

PETA is one of the biggest jokes in the world today. They have no clue about anything, they don’t care about any humans other than their members.
Protest fine that is your right, but when your protest start interfering with events and people’s property that goes beyond protest. PETA is a PETA-shit! Read ON..

The annual “running of the bulls” in the northern Spanish town of Pamplona could get some serious competition this year, in the form of a rival run by naked humans protesting cruelty to animals. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) group, which has protested against the event in the past, even announced that it was asking the town authorities to replace the traditional bull-chase with its “running of the nudes.”

The nine-day San Fermin festival, due to start on July 6, traditionally involves hundreds of runners, including many tourists, trying to outrace a herd of bulls, who chase them through the town’s narrow streets in a tradition that goes back centuries. But PETA, which last year unleashed several protesters wearing nothing but fake horns and sandals into the streets of Pamplona, said it wants to turn the ‘Running of the Nudes’ into the official event this year to protest cruelty against animals. The group is also concerned about last year’s outbreak of blue tongue disease, a virus which forced restrictions on livestock movements in southern regions of Spain.

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2 thoughts on “PETA interfering again!

  1. Pal… PeTA is no joke. I am glad that PeTA is there to educate the brainless like you. Some people are deprieved of rational thinking. How would you feel if you were the bull facing death. Put yourself in the bull’s position. I then hope you will understand. My definition of a matador is a coward who does not have the guts to face humans. A coward in a stupid fancy dress. This tradition sucks. My finger to this tradition.

    I am glad PeTA is there. Good work PeTA. Keep it up. Your comments are nonsense. Hmmmm… ignorance must be a bliss.

  2. Peta are a bunch of people who have too much time in their hands. I challenge them to not wear leather, not to sit on leather seats, not to eat vegetables as they might take away food that worms eat. Some of them eat seafood, just because you cannot hear fishes crying, doesn’t mean they don’t suffer. We are at the top of the food chain, let’s enjoy it. I wish all Peta people not to eat anything as everything is linked to animal, after all we are animals as well aren’t we?
    Live the way you want, but do not disturb other people who abide by the law and decide to live as they chose to. I love meat and I will continue to eat it as well as wearing leather belt, sit on leather couch etc.. I do that and do not interfere with Peta people because I am respectful.
    Long live San Fermines and Euskadi!

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