Vegas the aftermath

We’ve been back for about a week and a half now. I wait to post because I wanted to give myself more time to think about the trip. But I still feel the same way. We are Disney people not Vegas people.
That’s it, the easiest way to explain our vacation.

I had a totally different view of Vegasbefore. I thought I could get a cheap flight and eat cheap. The flight wasn’t $99, but it wasn’t too bad. But I didn’t see any $5.99 buffets. Maybe downtown, but we didn’t go there.
The first night we just walked the strip, dodging mexicanshanding out porn cards. We decided to eat at the buffet at the mirage – $25 bucks each. I guess I’m just cheap and Vegas is not the place for you if you are cheap!!!
I’m not saying we didn’t have a good time. I got to hang out with my old college roommate and meet his fiancé. It was great seeing Lutz again. He’s getting married this summer, so we’ll go back to Vegas for his wedding.

We went to the Hoover Damn and saw Mystère — a Cirque du Soleil show. Mystère was really awesome; once again if we had the money we could have seen more shows and enjoyed the trip more.
We only gambled about $60 all on the slots. We won some, but not enough to keep, we just dumped it into the slots.
We did visit the shark tank at Mandalay Bay and the secrete garden at the mirage. The Venetianwas incredibly to walk though. They had gondolas that you could ride in, both outside and inside.

Over all we had a relaxing vacation, but I dont think well be going back to Vegas for a vacation, unless we have a lot of money to spend.

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