A fun Saturday night, at work

We started at 3pm. We are still working on it.
Tonight we are upgrading our EMC NS600 to a NS600G, which means we are breaking apart our NAS so the Front end and backend are seperated so I can use the backend in a SAN.
I have 3 EMC tech and 1 outside tech (that emc sent) here and things aren’t going well for them. They are stuck and have been for the last 3 hours.
During our setup for this project the expected down time was 2 hours!!! I knew it would take longer so I planned for 3PM Saturday until Sunday morning.
We’ll see how long this takes……..To be continued.

update: 1am, we are getting closer. The NAS seems to be up….

update 2: 3am and we are done. Looks like the snaps are working again. I’m dead tired.


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