Exchange 2003 /3GB Quick Reference

I’ve seen questions on the use of the /3GB switch recently in several different places, so I thought it useful to write up a very quick guide on where it should or shouldn’t be used.  There are 3 basic rules for Exchange 2003:

*  Implement the /3GB switch on mailbox or public folder servers that have 1GB RAM or more.

*  If Exchange 2003 is running on Windows 2003, implement the /USERVA=3030 switch as well.

*  Do not implement the /3GB switch on front-end or routing servers, even if they have 1GB RAM or more.

Ripped From: [MS Exchange Blog]

One thought on “Exchange 2003 /3GB Quick Reference

  1. Might be useful to add that the /3GB is only suitable for W2K Adv and Datacenter and W2K boxes with 32-bit processors.

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