A few quicks links that make me feel bad about the world

Just because I voted for Bush doesn’t mean I agree of everything he does. We need to let Bush know we don’t want any more illegals and we want to get rid of the one’s that are here.
Petition to Bush: No amnesty for illegals

Some people don’t have anything better to do, so what’s next removing in god we trust from our money?
Atheist Challenges Pledge Again

Who the f*ck created National We Are Family Day? Nickelodeon, PBS, and the Disney Channel all airing this crap? But if we create an anti-gay video supporting real family values, we would never be able to get it on any TV station other than the church channel. I’m so sick of special gay rights. Why do they get specail rights? They have the same rights as everyone else. They can marry somone of the opposite sex. That is the right I have today.

SpongeBob, Barney promote ‘gay’ tolerance

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