Another Photo Sharing service to checkout

Flickr, don’t look over your shoulder, but there are some new photo sharing services coming that are looking pretty darn interesting.

First one is HeyPix!

Someone should write up a review of all the photosharing apps out there. Flickr is definitely the market leader, at least among the blogs I watch.

James Park, founder of Windup Labs, the folks that just shipped HeyPix today, gave me a demo of HeyPix about a week ago and it had several advantages. The sharing app was easier to use and had more features.

I’ll put up a Flickr and a HeyPix site and let you see the differences.

[The Scobleizer Weblog]

2 thoughts on “Another Photo Sharing service to checkout

  1. Visit fotochange. It is photo sharing resource.
    I think this site is one of the best of photo sharing resources because:
    1. The site based on original idea. Anybody can upload his picture in place of any picture in the site.
    2. No registration needed.
    3. User-friendly interface based on Ajax.

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