A Trillian alternate

I’ll have to test this program, I’ve used trillian in the past but they started charging for their ‘pro’ version and even the free version started getting to bloated.

I couldn’t live without my Miranda. Miranda IM is a multi protocol instant messenger client for Windows. Miranda IM is designed to be resource efficient and easy to use. It uses very little memory and requires no installation. It connects to ICQ, AIM, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo, etc. All in one client! And it’s free and open source.

I use the following plugins. Some of them are bundle with the default installation of Miranda.

  • AIM – Talk to AIM people
  • MSN – Talk to MSN people
  • ICQ – Talk to ICQ people
  • Yahoo – Talk to Yahoo people
  • Always Online – Helps you restore connection automatically.
  • Autorun – Enable/disable to launch Miranda IM with system startup.
  • mToolTip – Show various contact infos as tooltip when the cursor is over a contact
  • MultiWindow – Enables plugins to add new windows or frames to main Miranda window
  • Plugin Uninstaller – Offers the possibility to directly remove plugins
  • Smiley Add – Adds smileys to the standard message dialog
  • Wassup – Checks for updates
  • World Time – Shows dates and times from different timezones

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