What a Saturday

Pistons riot
Ok, first off the fan shouldn’t have threw anything at the players. But even if this was not on a basketball court. Punching someone is not the correct response. None if you play basketball for you job. The fans pay your salary, you have to let the security deal with stupid fans. I was listening to sports reporters blame everyone, sure no one should be let off the hook, but 90 percent of the problem was when the rapping moron Ron Artest.
Artest doesn’t belong in the nba, he doesn’t want to play, he wants to be a R&B artist. Yeah right!
The nba for the most part is rich criminals, people that if they weren’t playing basketball would be selling drugs or some other drain on society.

Basketball isn’t the only sport that has these issues. Football has its share of murders and druggies. Can anyone say Ricky Williams?

College football fight
Even after all the news coverage about the Pistons brawl, the game between South Carolina and Clemson turned into a huge brawl!!! WTF!!!

UofM loses, but should still be smelling roses.
But while OSU gets the bragging rights, Michigan gets the Rose Bowl after No. 17 Iowa routed No. 9 Wisconsin.

CMU wins

Matrix 3
I watched the third matrix movie saturday morning using Charter’s VOD. I don’t get it, can someone explain the end to me?

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