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A few months ago, I installed my first SBS server since version 4. I haven’t had time to do much with it. They just needed it up and running for a file server.
Now I want to look at using it for an Extranet. Below is a little information I wanted to save. I few good links.

Dean Paron an SBS Lead Program Manager and Alan Billharz a PM with the Microsoft SBS Dev team gave the first talk at SMBNation this morning. Here’s some of my notes:

Dean’s talk

Can you put RWW in standard products?NO

Can you move Sharepoint sites in SBS to standard products?.YES

Simple things to do with Sharepoint?apply theme and make it look different than regular site.

Sees a lot of Sharepoint extranets.

Take a look at for more ideas.

Alan Billharz takes care of RWW and Sharepoint PM from Microsoft

How does RWW work?

1. for Authentication and Timeout

2. Cookies for Settings and authentication.

3. TS Proxy, ActiveX, and port 4125.

Interesting side comment…How did they choose port 4125 for RWW?

Did it arbitrarily! They actually used the months of their birthday’s for figuring out port 4125! Funny SBS Dev fact.

Gotta watch out for those wacky DEV guys!

Alan showed some cool web hacks for RWW as well.

Regedit at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SmallBusinessServer\RemoteUserPortal

Change RWW port or actually force whether or not you allow trusted computers (that little check box on the bottom of the RWW login page)

Timeout for RWW is included as well in the hacks.

ExcludeList – little known reg hack to exclude computers from RWW. You can make it comma delimited List. For instance if my computer was tpatterson, I would put that in and my computer would not show up in the RWW connect computer page.

[TAZ Networks SBS SMB Webblog]

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