This is a huge fix for firefox

Once this bugfix is released and people can use this on their corporate interall websites…..Its going to be huge. I do think with SP2 IE is moving in the right direction. They just have to get tab browsing and I would try it again.

A bug that has long been a pain in the ass to web developers and corporate intranet users alike, Bug 231529 – Optionally enable unprompted NTLM authentication has been fixed! That means that if you try accessing a local webserver, Mozilla won’t prompt you for your NT username and password. This is a great fix, since it’s issues like this that can prevent deployment of Firefox in corporate environments.

The fix will be in for 1.0, which should be out next month according to the Firefox 1.0 Roadmap.

[via Mozings] [Blogzilla – a blog about Mozilla]

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