labor filled weekend

I’ll admit it, I don’t like manual labor. But this weekend was full of it.

Saturday we help my father in law stain his cabin. We came back home Sunday morning and my friend that is an electrian installed some more outlets in the garage ( I did help some, but only did a tenth of the work he did) Monday we made a trip to home depot and purchased everything we needed to start insulating the garage. We got about a third of the way done on Monday. We need to finish today or tomorrow. Because I’ll be out of town Thursday and Friday. Sunday we are starting on the drywall. Ick.

I still haven’t done much with the backyard, its still all weeds, I sprayed weed killer on them last week and they are still green!!!

Oh well, I think I’ll update the site to MT 3.11 soon, plus I need to fix the links on the right hand side. In IE there’s a break somewhere that messes up the layout.

Hope everyone had a good three day weekend.


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