One hell of a weekend

We had the lightening storm from hell Friday night. The computer was hooked up to a UPS, but the network card was not so lucky. I think I had a spike come though the cable line because my cable box got zapped and wouldn’t power on. My linksys router was messed up only some ports worked. But it seems like for some reason the spike was passed by the linksys onto my new computer and shorted out the onboard Gib NIC.

Now I have to decide, do I try to send back the motherboard and wait for them to send another or do I just go buy a $15 NIC.

So Saturday morning we made a trip to Best Buy and dropped $100 on a new linksys wireless router, a nic, and a ream of paper. I have about $40 in rebates I have to mail in.

So after the new nic and router. Everything is running smoothly. I installed neverwinter nights on the new box and cranked up the video settings. Nice. I think I’m going to install medal of honor next.

I ordered a new gamepad from it should be here by the end of the week. Then its time to load madden and crank up the video settings.

Somebody’s gotta plan a LAN party!


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