NFL Players Union is a joke

This is a surprising move by Dallas, but I happy to see that they wanted to move away from players that ‘might’ be using drugs. In the 90’s Dallas had all the druggies playing for them.
Reading this article I had to laugh. A spokes man for the Players union stated

“I just heard about this,” Upshaw told the Post for Thursday’s editions. “I won’t comment on a drug case. I will say under our collective bargaining agreement a club cannot conduct its own, independent drug testing and impose its own discipline. They just can’t do it.”

Ok, the league agreed to teams not doing their own drug testing. My question is why? If it is against the rules, why shouldn’t the nfl or a team be allowed to drug test a player anytime?

Carter stunned, denies he used cocaine

OXNARD, Calif. — Quincy Carter became the Cowboys’ starting
quarterback three years ago after veteran Tony Banks was
unexpectedly cut during training camp. His time in Dallas
stunningly ended in a similar way.

In a virtually unexplained move Wednesday, Dallas cut the player
who began camp just four days earlier as the No. 1 quarterback.
Carter started every game last season, when the Cowboys won 10
games and made the playoffs in coach Bill Parcells’ first year.

“Sometimes… []


More on Carter being released

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