Lost the backplane

It started last night. Our main domain controller went down. The other network admin went in and it was black screened. Not blue screen, just a black screen, no way to conect to it, it wasn’t in sleep mode and the mouse and keyboard didn’t wake it up. Yet the power was on. So he rebooted the computer and it came back with a bad hardware mirror. So he let it rebuild and then it booted up just fine.

5am this morning I get another page that the DC is down again. This time the other admin calls dell. They think it is a bad backplane. They shipped the parts and sent out a tech. The parts arrived around 10am. I still haven’t reicieved any page of the server being up yet!!! This server is a DC, print server, WINS server, DNS, and DHCP server. Opps, they’ve gotten most of the stuff moved to other servers, but I still can’t connect though our SSL or OWA.

I’m stuck in Troy, I’ve talked to everyone I can, but half the people I need to talk to are in a meeting. So I’m waiting and wondering what’s going on. Fun Stuff!!


Update: 12:30
Right after I posted this, I tried our SSL again, and I’m in!!! email is flowing in and out!!! I’m suppost to be here in Troy today and tomorrow. There’s going to be a lot of meetings wednesday when I get back. We need to spread out functions across more servers.


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