Commie 64 YES

I am SO getting this when it comes out! EA’s old school Summer/Winter/World/California Games series!

Speaking of tiny games, Tulip is releasing a mini Commodore 64 Direct-to-TV which crams 30 different games into a single joystick. Included will be the Summer/Winter/World/California Games series, and the little sticks should be available in the second half of 2004 for around $45.

Even better, at least by 8 bits, is Sega’s reissuing of the Mega Drive (Genesis to we Westerners) Play TV, which puts Sonic the Hedgehog (the first one, I’d guess), Golden AX, Kid Chameleon, and more. As Babelfish says about the Mega Drive rerelease, “The sea urchin you felt. Just hard one world is predominated the bosom oak?” The best thing about the Mega Drive is the tiny console they’ve added onto the power cord.
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