Sauce Reader v1.3 (BETA)


Sauce Reader v1.3 (BETA) released

Version 1.3 of Sauce Reader is a huge leap from 1.2.1. We’ve fixed more than 100 bugs and added the following major features:

  • Sauce Reader is now an integrated weblogging environment with posting support.

  • User interface further cleaned, streamlined and improved.
  • Auto archiving.
  • Search folders.
  • Flagging of items.
  • Limited keyboard shortcut improvements.

Upgrade notes:

  • Users of v1.2.1 will be automatically updated to the new version. Note that this process will clean up your data and may repair your search database.

  • Unfortunately, users of versions 1.2 or earlier will need to download and install v1.3 manually. This is due to problems with the auto-updater code in those older versions.

At Synop we thrive on user feedback. Please send us your feedback on Sauce Reader. We love to hear your stories, comments, gripes and praise. Your suggestions have a direct impact on future versions of the product so please help us build the best product possible!

PS: This was posted using the new integrated weblogging environment in Sauce Reader v1.3!


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