Tale of two trees

Both trees where delivered yesterday. I started with the honey locus in the front yard. I didn’t realize how much work it is to dig a hole big enough for the root system of a 10 ft. tree. Then after digging the hole, we noticed the metal wire holding the burlap bag around the roots. I didn’t have any thing to cut the wire with, this calls for a trip to home depot. Its so nice now that one’s open in Grand Haven. I picked up a small pair of bolt cutters. They cut though the metal wire without a problem. Once we unwrapped most the burlap we rolled the tree into the hole and I filled the hole back in. Tree one is done and I feeling pretty good. But it was after eight and I still hadn’t ate dinner. So I called it a night.

Today I started on tree two, a royal red maple, in the back yard. I’m thinking, this shouldn’t be too bad I know what to expect now. Wrong! The backyard is full of roots and other sh*t I didn’t have to dig though in the front yard. After fighting though all the roots and I got on a role digging. Melissa was too sick to help today, so I was on my own. The hole looked large enough for the tree so I rolled it in. Opps, it was too deep and the tree is too big for me to lift it out of this crater I just dug. So I dragging Melissa out to help hold the tree on its side well I tried to fill dirt back into the hole under the tree roots. In the end it turned out pretty good, not as nice as the front yard, but it will do.

I’m also happy I didn’t break anything or hurt myself. I’m slowly getting better at working in the yard. We still have to finish what we started last weekend, with the front yard landscaping. That shouldn’t be too bad. Plus I have to mow the lawn and put down Scotts step 2 weed and feed.


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