long weekend

I could feel myself getting sick starting on Thursday and after working on the yard all day on Saturday, I feel like sh*t today. So I talked the wife into resting today and hoping for good weather tomorrow so we can continue working on the lawn.

Friday night Andy brought his computer over and we formatted and started over, I installed XP on his machine and its running like a champ even though he only as 128 MB. We’ll see how it runs once he installs SBC and AOL on it. YUCK!

Saturday well we where working in the yard the neighbors invited us to a memorial day get together. We’ll see, It will be the first time we really sent any time with the neighbors….

Sunday like I said we are resting, we did get down the the west olive nursery and bought two nice big trees, they’ll be delievered this week. Time to dig some big holes

We started Netflix again this week, we’ve watched Duplex and The rundown so far. Duplex was above average. The run down was better than the scorpian king but that’s not saying much.

I also watch 28 days this weekend on HBO. It wasn’t was I was expecting, but I like it up until the end. Too much left open. Plus I heard there was like 3 different ends released in the theater. I would have liked to seen the other 2 because this one sucked!

I hate being sick, as I’m typing this I have snot running down my nose! I’ve used up all the cleanex in the house, time to move the the tp.


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