RSS Reader switch?

The newest version of RSS Bandit has included a way to sync your feed list,read,unread, and flagged items. I have about 300 feeds I try to keep up with. So I exported my opml from sharp reader and imported it into rss bandit. The sync works, but for some reason on my home workstation the feedlist.xml keeps corupting and I have to re-sync the file.

Also because I have nested folders the number of unread items doesn’t show up correctly and a few other odd issues, I don’t feel like trying to explain right now.

The best thing about rss bandit is they have an active user forum and are actively working on improving the program. SharpReader has not been updated in awhile and there is no forums or newsletter to give or get feedback.

Right now I still prefer sharpreader, but I’m going to give rss bandit a few more days.


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