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Almost a year ago we launched a static Powertoys page on gotdotnet.  Today that page is no longer static!  We’re now feeding with live content from the new Powertoys weblog. Overtime this site will become a categorized directory of add-ins, macros, packages, and general tools that make development easier. We’ll also be pulling this content into the Extensibility dev center.  If you have a tool you’d like to see in the directory send mail to and we’ll work to get it listed. 

I was originally just going to create a bunch of new categories off of my blog for this, but then realized I could be more effective opening up the posting opportunities to members of the Visual Studio team so they can all share the tools they know about! So the new blog was born.  I just sent out instructions, the password, and the offer of free Latte for posts to a bunch of people internally so we’ll see what happens. 

Yes, eventually I hope to have a site live where anyone can submit their own content, but you have to walk before you run.  Enjoy! – josh  |  Comments

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