Busy weekend

With the great weather we’ve had all weekend. I got off my lazy but and got a bunch of work done around the house. Saturday we started by pulling the large weeds in the front and side yarn, in the front yard there was quite a few grubs attached to the weeds we pulled up. This has me worried after talking to Stone about his grub problems. Next we re-seeded the backyard and then put down Step 1 for the Scotts four step lawn program. Later I setup the sprinkler with a new schedule and started it up for the first time this year, it so felt like spring with the sprinkler going and the sunny beating down on the back of my neck ( Yes 1 day of working in the 70 degree heat and I have a sunburn on the back of my neck. I’m ready for the redneck jokes)

Sunday we got up early and got everything together to build our fire pit in the back yard. Let’s just say the next cool night we have, party at our place. We finished enjoying the sun on Sunday by cleaning and washing both vechicles.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend


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