This is frigin’ ridiculous

OK now we have these over paid, whiny wide receivers trying to top each other after scoring a touchdown? Here’s an idea, hand the ball to the ref and go back to the sideline. Unless you just won the game, get over it. I saw an interview with Horn on ESPN and he’s defending himself by saying he’s just having fun and that everyone enjoyed it. No I’m sorry I tuned in to watch football not you talk on the phone or dance!!!! Then during the interview Michael Irvin speaks up in Horn’s defense, stated that if the ball was intercepted the defense would be dancing and celebrating.

There is a huge difference between celebrating a good play and moving on with the game , and using a cell phone to make a call or pulling out a sharpie to sign the ball!!!

Cell phone was stashed behind goal post

NEW ORLEANS — Joe Horn really did phone it in Sunday night.

The New Orleans receiver couldn’t wait to talk about his
touchdown, so he pulled out a cell phone and made a call from the
end zone.

After catching the second of four touchdown passes against the
New York Giants, Horn was handed a flip-phone by teammate Michael
Lewis, who pulled it out from under the padding used to protect the
goal post.

[ – NFL]


Agent calls fine ‘very excessive’

Joe Horn’s phone call will prove costly, as the NFL plans to fine the Saints receiver $30,000 for his cell-phone celebration.

The fine was confirmed for by agent Ralph Vitolo and NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. Horn is expected to be apprised of the fine in writing on Wednesday, the day on which NFL officials typically notify players of any punitive actions.

The fine stems from the now-infamous post-touchdown celebration stunt in the second quarter of New Orleans’ 45-7… []

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