happy late turkey day

Mellisa made her first turkey this year and it turned out really good! It was only the two of us this year.

We watched both football games on Tuesday, first of all 4 wins for the lions!!! Better than last year.

Second, the league needs to put a stop the the dreadlocks hanging out of the back of the helmets!! I had to watch both the cornback for GreenBay and Ricky Williams in one day!! I was just reading this weeks sporting news about how each game there is a league official that spends the entire day pre-game though post-game watch for uniform voliations. They need to make hair sticking out the back of the helmet at violation. It looks awfull and covers the name on the back of the jersey!!

Enjoy your turkey lefovers, I’ll talk to you all later

PS. If your running MT don’t forget to update your mt-send-entry.cgi

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