Quick week wrap up.

On Tuesday, I fought the law and the law won šŸ™

I drove to Mt. Pleasant to fight tickets (rolling though a stop sign) Well the short story is I lost and had to pay $105.

Melissa went to visit he dad this weekend, so I had the house to my self. So Stone and Scott come over to watch Michigan kick Michigan states @ss!!!! GO BLUE!!!!
We also watched most of the Ohio State VS. Penn State game. Too bad Penn state couldn’t hold onto the lead.

Tonight I’m waiting for one of my old college roomates to get online so we can play some Age of Empires 2. Oh, the old days, we had 3 computers networked together playing Age of empires, Duke Nuke’m and Age2. Drunk nights playing video games when it was too cold to stand in line for the bar…memories

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