Fun Ride

This ride was already open when we where at Disney for our Honeymoon. It was a fun ride. They warn you about 5 different times, that the ride could make you sick. Both Melissa and myself loved the ride, but it did leave Melissa a little queasy.

It’s no secret that amusement parks these days are creating ever more sophisticated attractions (often including ever more heart stopping drops). Disney has usually been a bit more creative with their attractions, and the latest one sounds like a doozy. They’re trying to replicate the experience of launching into space – complete with “nausea and brief moment of weightlessness”. The brief moment of weightlessness sounds cool, but the nausea isn’t particularly appealing. In initial runs of the ride, that queasy feeling became a little too strong for some, and ride attendants say they needed to “send for more towels” to help keep the floor clean. While that may be an endorsement for some kids these days, I think I’ll pass. [Techdirt]

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