More holes in windows.

In the wake of the latest attacks to DCOM and the unwillingness of Microsoft to sucessfully patch it, I urge you to use Steve Gibson’s DCOMbobulator to secure your Windows system.

From Steve’s website:
What does DCOM do for you?

Well let’s see . . . it attracts Internet worms and permits your system to be remotely compromised by malicious hackers. Other than that, it’s of absolutely no practical use other than to adorn Microsoft’s “We Have That Too” chart. There may be some custom corporate application developers who have managed to make some use of it, but mostly no one ever has. Nonetheless, it’s there in Windows so that the competitors’ CORBA isn’t.

The DCOMbobulator will help everyone test
their DCOM patches and finally turn DCOM off.

Please do yourself and the rest of the internet community a favor and download and run this simple program. It only takes a few minutes, but it will stop others from hijacking your PC and enabling it to spread viral payloads.

If you wish to test your system, use Steve’s ShieldsUP! online port analysis tool and it will let you know exactly how vulnerable your PC is to attack. And please ensure that if you’re on the ‘net that you are running a firewall (either hardware or software). You have a responsibility as a citizen of the internet to keep yourself and others safe.

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(Kevin Christley) [Lockergnome’s Bits and Bytes]

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