Equal justice…What!

I haven’t addressed this issue yet, but…after reading this site. I have to give my 2 cent$

I have no opinion on his guilt or innocence, given that there are no facts yet out about the case. What I do find reprehensible, irresponsible, and criminal are the attempts to post the accusers name, address, photo, and other… A Quick Thought On Kobe Bryant Case

ok, so this person is upset by people posting the accuser’s name and photos….I ask what about Kobe? If he is innocent, his life and career have already been tarnished. His career is on hold, he has to deal with constant questions and dirty looks. Yet the accuser remands hidden and protected. What a load of crap. So Kobe and his family have to deal with all this crap, even before Kobe has been found guilty or innocent.


As I continue to read my RSS feeds in Sharpreader. I found another link about kobe, I’m sure there are tons of them, but I thought this was a good post.


I just HAD to add this Kobe’s Accuser Takes #1 Loser Spot From Saddam