Hipster Bingo

I MUST be getting old!!!

Crank up your Hives/Ladytron/Strokes/Raveonettes extended dance remix MP3, and play Hipster Bingo. Are we in Williamsburg yet? Link, Discuss , (Thanks, Mara, who says the “grandpa” photo looks suspiciously like Lou from the band Sebadoh)
UPDATE: I love the Internet! Here is an online auto-generator of randomized bingo cards. BoingBoing reader Glossosaurus created this, and explains: “[J]avascript randomizes the placement of the images. You and your pals can print them out and take them to Enid’s or the BQE and see who wins. I’ll be the blogger w/ the webcam at the Rainbo looking for the 4-foot girl with the pack of Parlaiments.”
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[Boing Boing Blog]