A primer on PhotoBlogs

Quickstart your photoblog

A lot of people would like to have a photoblog, I was one of them. Even though I really like designing and building websites, I really didn?t want to spend too much time on building one. Instead, I wanted to focus on creating the photos.

I came around quite a few sites with photoblogs and tutorials, here are the three most popular I found based on MovableType:

The Moonpost tutorial:
This is an easy, down to earth photoblog how-to, based on the standard MT weblog templates.

Blogstyles Photoblog Tutorial:
Slightly more custom then the Moonpost photoblog. It is also very easy to setup, and it is supplied with all MT templates already!

The Quixotic Photoblog Tutorial:
The most customized photolog of these three, but also drop-dead-easy to setup, complete with templates and stylesheets and stuff! An excellent and beautiful photoblog. I used this one to build my own photoblog (www.sindono.com) At the end of the tutorial are some tips on how to expand your weblog with extra features such as voting and a random image.

Guest authored by:
Arno Jansen – www.sindono.com

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