STufFed MonkEy

This week is just dragged along.

I found a site that has some good XP themes, but its REALLY slow right now.

We’ve had some progress done on the house. We now have natural Gas and the final grade was done. Now its time to plant the grass seed.

I’ve been testing two news readers NewsDesk and NewsMonster.

NewsMonster intergrates with Mozilla, which I love, but it needs Java 1.4 and we have applications that only work with Java 1.3. So I have to wait. Please I’m waiting to a few more features in NewMonsters like OPML import/export and grouping feeds by folders.

NewsDesk is good, but right now it maxes my CPU well updating. The delvoper of the sofware is looking into this for one. Plus I would love to see an easy way to subscript to feeds. You can drag the URL into the program, but that means you need to have the NewDesk window open. I would prefer right clicking to add a feed or have an icon in the taskbar you can drag the links to.

More to come,

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