Madonna can go duck herself

Old lady Madonna thinks she’s sticking to the P2P community, but she’s not
This over the hill, nasty scank. with her anti-war music can go live in Iraq here she would be so free to make her crummy music.

Can you tell I’m sick of the whinny little anti-war people. Today is still moving SO slow.

I so need to update my other site, do something with it. I don’t know…Blah

Looks like we finalize a date for the wedding, now we are working on getting idea how much a lawn is going to cost to put it and if we’ll be able to afford a honeymoon at Disney.

My sinuses are acting up today for no reason, and its about 60 out, I just want to enjoy it and get rid of this stupid headache.

I SO need to start wearing my contacts. I can tell staring at a computer screen all day, is killing my eyes.

The Lakers won the first round of the playoffs last night. Not that I was able to see any of the games since I don’t have cable!!! I take that back I was able to see one on NBC.

I’m done, let the weekend start!!!

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