Happy Easter

Since I don’t have my Cable Modem Still!!! This will be the last post until Monday, so Happy Easter.

I added a counter to the site, I’m trying BraveNet. We’ll see if they give me better reselts that the current referal script I have running.

Scott picked up a book call 8 Minute mornings, sounds like something I could do. More like something I SHOULD do. I can handle 8 minutes!!

I’ve been testing out alot of diffenent New feed readers, but still haven’t found one that fits me. I’m looking to easy of adding channels, I’ve seen one’s with auto-rss search, but they don’t seem to work that well. Just drag the xml link to an icon on the task bar, that’s all I ask. Support comments and extended post. Last ( and this would just be cake) the ability to post comments to a site, or to blog to my site from it.

I know I’m asking too much 🙂


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