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Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin | Sociable! – The Social Media Blog (tags: facebook wordpress wordpress-plugins) Archos Windows 7 Tablet PC, great for Media Center on the go – Ian Dixon's Blog – The Digital Windows Media Center news, podcasts, videos, forums and wikis (tags: mediacenter windows7)

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VSO DivXtoDVD (Freeware) v0.5.2b (freeware) (tags: converter mediacenter divx mce) Fastest DVD Copy Software | Best DVD Decrypter from DVDFab (tags: windows mediacenter mce ripping) VideoReDo MPEG Video Editing Software (tags: mediacenter ripper mce mpeg) SlySoft AnyDVD | any dvd, region free, dvd copy, copy dvd movies, dvd decoder, dvd ripper, macrovision, dvd copying software […]

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All Facebook – The Unofficial Facebook Blog – Facebook News and More! (tags: facebook) IT Operations Management | Application Management Tool | Integrien (tags: sysadmin network monitoring) Synology Inc. – NEW NAS Experience – (tags: nas)

links for 2008-09-01 – Home/News (tags: windowsmobile smartphone 6700) PPCGeeks – Powered by vBulletin (tags: windowsmobile smartphone pocketpc) Infrastructure Optimization TechCenter: Documentation, downloads and additional resources Optimization for AD (tags: microsoft)


I got a denied email from blogburst today. Oh well, guess I don’t post enough or quality content… I just keep on rolling on. More vmware news soon, I’ll be trying to use the new P2V from vcenter next week. jb

Microsoft Launches SharePoint Planning Services

We been talking about sharepoint since late last year. Looks like Microsoft now throws in free help with deployment if you get SA….Interesting… Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Planning Services Customers using Microsoft’s SharePoint enterprise portal can now get deployment help if they subscribe to the Software Assurance program. | Microsoft Launches SharePoint Planning Services – […]

Secret Amazon Discount Finder

Did you know Amazon keeps track of its price drops? Here is a tool to find the secret (and not so secret) Amazon discounts. These are different than Amazoncoupons, these simply items where the price has dropped. Sometimes it is the normal pace of innovation, last years plasma TV is 50% off this year, and […]

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-03

why doesn’t twitbin save my username and password? # What happens when the cisco serial number on the outside of the switch is wrong? # Why doesn’t facebook have RSS feeds? # correction: Better RSS feeds, like for the ‘News Feed’ section # Powered by Twitter Tools.

VMTSPatchManager: Free "Windows Update" For ESX Servers

  Massimiliano Daneri has published antoher free tool on his website called VMTSPatchManager. This tool, as he call it himself, is the Windows Update for ESX Servers. Although it’s a version 1.0 and not an official VMware product it has some pretty interesting features and looks really cool. Some of the more interesting features of […]

Can’t Take The Heat

 The democrats already are avoiding the issues. So Edwards, Obama, and Clinton have all bowed out of the Fox News debate. If they can’t even take a question from Britt Hume, how in the hell are we supposed to believe they can deal with North Korea or Iran? Source: Can’t Take The Heat Originally published […]

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