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Category: WordPress

Few updates

I updated the theme again. The old theme was too dark and if you’ve noticed I’ve tried a few other ones over the last few days, but I
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A few site updates

I cleaned up my wordpress plug-ins and added a few. I’m just testing the new plug-in for tags I’m trying. [tags]wordpress[/tags]
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Figure this one out

I changed webhost this weekend. I changed my name servers and when I access and they goto the new host. I can ping and its
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Quick test

I had to move webhost this weekend, I’ll explain more later. This is just a quick test to see if I can remote post.   later,jb
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Upgraded Site

I upgraded to WP 2.1.2. I hope this will reduce the load this site is putting on the mysql server. Before I upgraded, I noticed the site got
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Small Site updates

I did a little site cleaning tonight. I updated to the latest 2.0x wordpress code. I also changed the theme and added a few items to the sidebar.
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